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The Transparency Code for smaller authorities applies to parish councils with an annual turnover not exceeding £25,000.

Bearley Parish Council has a budgeted expenditure that exceeds £25,000. Its accounts are externally audited. It provides information expected of smaller authorities, including Minutes, Agendas and Associated Papers.

Councils with an income which exceeds £200,000 are expected to comply with the Local Government Transparency Code 2015 .

The Parish Council is required to publish its signed annual governance statement according to the format included in the Annual Return form, no later than 1 July, in the year immediately following the accounting year to which it relates.


Annual Audit 2023-2024:-

Annual Internal Audit Report BPC 202324
Section 1 – Annual Governance Statement BPC 202324

Accounting Statements BPC 202324
Asset Register 31 March 2024
Bank reconciliation March 2024 Bearley Parish Council
Explanation-of-Variances-23_24_Bearley Parish Council

Policies and Procedures:-

Financial Regulations May 2024
Reserves Policy 2023
Standing Orders – May 2024
Code of Conduct 2022
Scheme of Delegation July 2023
Privacy Policy July 2023
Freedom of Information Publication Scheme July 2023
Complaints Procedure March 2024
Co-Option Procedure and form 2024
Annual Governance Proceedure March 2024
Accessibility Statement
Retention Policy 2024
Risk Assessment 2023

Annual Audit 2022-2023:-

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2023
External Auditor Report and Certificate 202223
Annual Governance Statement BPC 2022_2023
Accounting Statements BPC 2022_2023
Annual Internal Audit Report BPC 2022_2023
Asset Register 31 March 2023

Annual Audit 2021-2022:-

Notice of conclusion of audit 2022
External Auditors report (S3) September 2022
Exercise of Public Rights_2022
Section 1 – Annual Governance Statement 202122 BPC
Section 2 – Accounting Statements 202122 BPC
Annual Internal Audit Report 202122 BPC
Bank reconciliation 2021_2022 Bearley Parish Council
Asset Register 31 March 2022

Annual Audit 2020-2021:-

Notice of conclusion of audit 2021
Exercise of Public Rights_2021
Annual Governance Statements 2020_2021_part 3
Bank reconciliation 2020-2021 Bearley Parish Council
Asset Register Bearley Parish Council 31_03_2021

Annual Audit 2019-2020:-

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2020
External Audit Report & Certificate 2020
Annual Governance Statements 2020
Exercise of Public Rights
Accounts Year Ended 31 March 2020
Asset Register 31 March 2020
Explanation of Variances 2020

Annual Audit 2018-2019:-

Explanation of Variances 2019
Year End Accounts 31.03.2019
Internal Audit, Annual Governance Statement & Accounting Statements 2019
Asset Register 31.03.19
Exercise of Public Rights