Vision and Strategic Objectives


Bearley aspires to continue in being a distinctive neighbourhood, its development respecting and reflecting views of its community, developing and improving whilst retaining its distinctive rural character and protecting its green areas as well as its heritage assets thus providing an outstanding quality of life for current and future generations of residents.

The vision derives from the affirmation of the community’s views in two successive surveys namely the NP survey “A Clear Vision for Bearley” of April 2015 and the preceding Bearley Village Community Plan Survey of February 2012. Therefore, the Parish Council and the residents share and unconditionally support the same vision by:

Encouraging and supporting a thriving and prosperous community that delivers a high quality of life for all its residents.

  • Recognising and protecting the distinctive rural character, heritage and history of the Neighbourhood Area.
  • Supporting measured, proportionate, timely and sustainable development to meet established local needs.
  • Promoting a flourishing local economy.
  • Endorsing policies that have a positive effect on the environment, including those that remove or minimise flood risk, mitigate climate change, reduce our carbon footprint and minimise the impact of increased traffic.
  • Working hand in hand with village institutions to ensure maintenance and enhancement of village facilities as well as identified improvements to enhance quality of life for all residents.
  • Maintaining a high-quality natural environment, respecting landscape sensitivity, that preserves and enhances biodiversity and protects the green spaces.

Strategic Objectives

To promote new high-quality homes in appropriate sustainable locations that meet the established needs of the Neighbourhood Area, without compromising the distinctive and attractive setting of the village or the natural environment.

To promote new high-quality economic and employment opportunities in appropriate locations and encourage the retention of existing employers in the Neighbourhood Area.


To promote high-quality sustainable design, while ensuring the historic environment is preserved and enhanced.

To safeguard our natural environment, conserve and enhance existing woodlands, trees, hedgerows, flora and fauna and enhance biodiversity through sensitive development that protects and enriches the landscape and green assets.

To seek on-going improvements to transport and parking, to flood mitigation, to utility infrastructure and to digital connectivity, especially mobile phone reception and broadband.

To ensure that residents have excellent local facilities and access to open spaces and wellbeing recreation, to maintain a strong, active, healthy and vibrant community to help alleviate social isolation.

To ensure that a mechanism is in place to monitor and report on progress in implementing strategic objectives, monitor existing and changing aspirations, and ensure the continuity of community spirit and the ability of the community to own its governance.